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We appreciate all feedback on your experience with us. If you would like to leave us a testimonial or feedback, please fill out the template below and it will be sent to us right away. Please see customer feedback below.

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Feedback from:  Kristi B

Engine Work

Message: Bob was referred by a friend. Best referral ever. He was quick. Fair. Pricing wasn't ridiculous for the work he put in. He communicated. He also made a follow up to see how the boat ran, far best experience we have had with any repair company for this engine in years. He will always be our "go to" for engine and boat repair. Thanks again Bob!



Feedback from:  Sandy D

Engine work

Message: Bob recommended by a co-worker who has had excellent results with Boat Doc. Called Bob, explained my problem, took boat to him and was impressed with the amount of time he spent with me that afternoon writing down everything we discussed. He fixed it and his charges were less than expected. I feel I was treated fair by an honest business man who wants me as a repeat customer. I recommend Bob and his crew to anyone needing boat repairs.



Feedback from: Gill G


Message:  A few years ago I bought an old boat and had Bob do some work on the outboard. This was when he was working out of the garage at his house. He did a great job and charged me a fair price. Life happens, the boat went unused for a couple of years. This year I got her running and took her to the lake. I started to have an engine flooding issue that I could not figure out. I called Bob on his cell and left a message. A few minutes later, he called me an told me about the new location. I took the boat to him, told him what it was doing, what I did to figure it out, and he explained to me that the new 9 gallon gas tank was building up more pressure than the old carburetor was designed to handle. He told me what to do and said if that did not fix my problem to come back. No need to take my money when a little knowledge and and a smile gives a quick fix. Bob, thank you for still being a great guy and a great boat doctor!



Feedback from: Jerry B

Boat repair

Message: If I had to use one word to describe these guys it would professional if you want someone that gets it right the first time take it to boat doc.


Feedback from: Keith L

Excellent Service and Expertise

Message: I have been working with Bob since he was a mobile service over 5 years ago. He has worked on many of my boats over the years and his knowledge, attention to detail and expertise are second to none. His prices are the lowest in the southeast for a full service marine shop and you will not find a better place for service, minor or major repairs. Give Buckhorn Boat Doc a opportunity and you will become a lifelong client!


Feedback from: Jimmy P

Excellent Service

Message: I had heard great things about Boat Doc. I took my boat there and got excellent service at an excellent and very reasonable price. I will be going back for all my boat needs and will refer all my friends to do the same. You will not be disappointed.


Feedback from: Danny D

Boat Service

Message: Met Bob a few years ago after he had his hunting accident, took my boat and motor for an 'emergency', to me anyway. He worked on the motor dragging a stool and a crutch so he could move around. I knew then, this man is determined to do the necessary work to get me back on the water. I expected a huge repair bill for my EMERGENCY, but Bob was humble and kind. Another time I was fishing at Buckhorn, another problem arose, called Bob on my cell, told him my problem, he talked me over the phone on what to do. It worked. Again, 2 or 3 yrs later, another crisis. Took my boat to Bob and within 15 minutes, problem solved . if you have any doubts about service/sales or dependability from past dealers, you need to hook up with Bob Dumong.


Feedback from Jim G

Boat Service

Message: I met Bob years ago when he first opened his shop. Since then he has been the only place my boats get any service. He strives to solve issues in a timely manner by diagnosis of root causes of problems rather than just addressing symptoms. It is refreshing to know there is still professionals, like Bob, that have a genuine interest in their customer’s needs & concerns and endeavors to serve those needs. Should your boat or brain ever need assistance reference anything boating you need Bob at Buckhorn Boat Doc!

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